5 Common Myths About Hiring a Live Band

5 Common Myths About Hiring a Live Band

Let’s face it, hiring a live band to play at your wedding is something of a cliche. It’s in every movie, and has been going on since your parents generation and their parents before them. But unfortunately for a lot of soon-to-be married couples, these concerns cloud their judgement on whether or not to hire a live band, when the reality of the situation is that the music at a wedding is the biggest game-changer there is. So today I thought we could address the 5 most common concerns about live bands at weddings, and show that not only are they a great investment, but an essential one.

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”1. Bands are Corny” heading_tag=”h4″ alignment=”left”][/ultimate_heading]

There are definitely many corny generic bands out there, however let me assure you, with our roster at Bongo & B Entertainment that is not the case for any of our artists. On our site, every artist has videos linked of their performances so you can see easily imagine what they’d be like live, and you can pre-emptively guarantee that they’ll be addressing the exact vibe you want to hear.

The truth is- ‘corny’ is subjective, which is why the more bands you can look over, the better. If you think a whole genre is too corny or overdone, then it’s a great thing we have artists in every genre.

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”2. Bands setlist doesn’t have variety- they just stick to what they know” heading_tag=”h4″ alignment=”left”][/ultimate_heading]

When meeting with a Bongo & B representative, you can find out ahead of time what songs are on their roster. Any band worth its salt (all of ours) will have an extensive list of tunes they know well, as well as be willing and happy to learn a few new requests as long as enough time prior so they can master the track. This may entail additional fees, something our representatives at Bongo & B Entertainment will always let you know prior, but make sure if dealing with other entertainment companies to inquire so there are no surprises on your invoice!

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”3. A small group can’t recreate my favourite song well” heading_tag=”h4″ alignment=”left”][/ultimate_heading]

This comes down to what you want. If you hire an R&B band to play your favourite rock song and you expect it to be a mosh-pit driving song, the fault is your own. However, a professional band can easily work songs from another genre into their own, and often have examples online to show how they’ve done it in the past. With a bit of research, you can quite thoroughly know what to expect on wedding day, although how much you love it might still surprise you!

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”4. They’re too loud!” heading_tag=”h4″ alignment=”left”][/ultimate_heading]

One of the easiest concerns to address, as almost all weddings have a sound engineer- or can be brought in from any 5 Star Entertainment companies. A sound engineer’s whole job is the make sure levels are correct and that nothing goes wrong. Your entertainment company should always insist on doing a sound check as that would guarantee the right levels according to their years of experience doing this.

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”5. The bigger, the better.” heading_tag=”h4″ alignment=”left”][/ultimate_heading]

While a huge orchestra sounds great, I think you’d be surprised from what a professional 3-4 piece group can deliver. The more musicians you hire the most expensive the bill ends up being, which is exactly why our company at Bongo & B Entertainment bring only the best musicians around to bring you the sound you want with as little musicians and cost to you as possible.

Still not convinced? If you’re having a wedding coming up we here at Bongo & B Entertainment have the perfect rep’s to address your every concern with great detail, as well as over 80+ acts at our disposal to bring the perfect entertainment to your event. If you want to have the most outstanding event of the summer, we have it all. Click here to find out more about our services and how we can help make your special day perfect.

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