5 HUGE Regrets Couples Make When Selecting Wedding Entertainment

5 HUGE Regrets Couples Make When Selecting Wedding Entertainment

Wedding’s can be stressful and very expensive, which is why at the end of it all when it comes to choosing Live Entertainment, many couples are exhausted and willing to cut corners or do research less thoroughly to finalize all the details quickly. Here are the 5 biggest mistakes we’ve notice couples regret making in regards to Live Entertainment.

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Thinking Just a DJ is Enough”][/ultimate_heading]

DJ’s are easily the most popular option for any wedding simply because of their versatility. They can choose from an infinite amount of songs, so there’s a song they could play for any portion of the night and it would be fitting. But where DJ’s are terrific at letting no moment go quiet, what they lack is the ‘oomph’ live entertainment brings to music. Live Entertainment makes the music come alive and gets people noticing the difference between background music to talk over and music that drives a portion of the night.

Live Music on the other hand, without having to say anything, can move people. When a band starts playing it won’t require a DJ to kindly ask everyone to the dancefloor where an awkward few eventually turn into a crowd, it will just draw a crowd. In the same way a beautiful serenade played during a ceremony goes infinity further in making a moment precious when actually played by a string quartet instead of an mp3.

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”A Crappy Contract”][/ultimate_heading]

There are hundreds of ways to poorly write a contract, and only a few ways to do it well. A good contract could have clearly defined terms and conditions, that both parties understand and agree on. This includes having a timeline stating who’s playing, when, for how long, and how many sets. The artist should have in their contract an agreement to show up early for soundcheck to make sure all their equipment sounds the way it’s supposed to, as well as be flexible to play at different times if the schedule falls off track in any way.

The other thing to consider is who’s equipment is being used? Just because an artist has agreed to play, unless stated in the contract that they’ll be providing everything needed they may arrive empty handed. Is the PA system there’s, or will the venue be providing one? Does the venue allow PA systems to be brought in? Who’s in charge of the equipment?

Any Live Entertainment company or artist worth it’s salt should always take a deposit ahead of time to secure their artist. Some companies go as far as having an “Act of God” clause so that in case of an emergency if something were to ever happen to the artist, a suitable replacement would be ready to fill in for them. This is especially import for weddings as the show always “must go on.

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Using a Venue’s In-House Vendor” margin_design_tab_text=””][/ultimate_heading]

Many venues work with in-house artists or bands to get you a better deal price-wise on the artist, as well as to make themselves a bit more in the process. This isn’t inherently a bad thing- many in-house artists are incredibly professional, highly reviewed and exactly what the couple was looking for. However, blindly trusting the venue with your live entertainment is a mistake- you should always do your own research on the artist or artists being provided to ensure that they’re exactly what you want and will deliver what you are asking for.

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Quantity vs Quality”][/ultimate_heading]

Just because a band has more members in it doesn’t mean in any way that it’s going to sound better or better suit the needs of the night. Often couples think a 6 or 8 piece band will have more energy and therefore be more successful at drawing a crowd to the dancefloor. Also believing that more artists will be better at getting their guests moving, when the truth is that the size of a band doesn’t matter. There’s little that a four piece can’t do, and you’d be surprised by the big sound a professional Trio or Quartet can produce! When choosing a band, the priority should always be the sound and experience that you want your guests to have, not the quantity of artists.

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Saving Money With Amateurs”][/ultimate_heading]

The cardinal sin of the Live Entertainment industry is thinking that because someone will charge less, they’re the person to go with. It’s great that your friend has a good voice, but here’s are some of the many things an amateur may not be equipped to deal with.

Without having a solid contract written, they might not be able to provide all the equipment needed to set up their performance. Sure they have their instruments and an amp, but is there a mixer or PA system to make sure each instruments levels are suitable for the room? Do they have a speaker large enough to be heard through the whole room? Do they even know how to work the equipment provided? Do they know how to communicate with all the vendors involved in the process to properly execute their performance?

Are they able to fill a 30-45 minute time slot with music you like, and be capable of last minute changes if necessary? What happens if they get sick last minute and can’t sing? All this and more are things you shouldn’t be stressing out about on your big day.

That’s why here at Bongo & B Entertainment we have everything covered. From Thoroughly written and easily digestible contracts to professional artists with decades of experience and back-ups ready to go in the case of an emergency. With over 85+ different acts to choose from, we’re your one stop shop for all things Live Entertainment, be it for a Wedding, Corporate Event, Night Life, etc. Click here to find out more about us and how we can make your most important days shine.

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