Event Info

Unless instructed otherwise or with a specific performance, our musicians/ performers are dressed in formal all black.
We have performed for different ethnic backgrounds and nationalities. If the Music or Showcase requires instrumentation or performers that are not within our main roster, special arrangements can be made. For further information about this, please contact us.
We love meeting all our clients face to face so we can understand their live entertainment and build their vision of an incredible evening. Please go to our contact us / book your event page or call us, to arrange a consultation. - Event Request Form - Main Phone #1 - 905 - 660 - 0069
Typically, most of our clients have booked anywhere from 3 months to nearly 2 years in advance. This is all depending on the type/importance of event, and when they want to secure their entertainment. There have always been exceptions to the case, so please contact us A.S.A.P. to see if we can provide Live Entertainment services for your event.
Having live music at your event creates an unforgettable, extremely memorable occasion. Nothing is better than having human interaction, with splashes of live artists / bands,  or Entertainment for your special occasion. Consider this to be an exclusive, personalized concert of your most loved music in the comfort of your venue, tailored to your Entertainment menu.