Springing Forward, 1 Year Later

Springing Forward, 1 Year Later

Spring has officially sprung! With the nice weather making it’s way back, one can’t help but recall the 365 days of uncertainty that we just endured. Believe it or not, it has been an official year of social distancing and staying home! However, this year is already proving different than 2020. 

For starters, we now understand the global situation a bit better than we did last year. With summer around the corner, we are looking forward to outdoor events where our performers can do what they do best; entertain. Although we are aware that events will most likely be capped at 50 people outdoors, we are still very excited to get back to making people smile and dance!

Compared to last year, this was a very terrifying time for all entertainers from across the globe. With no indication of when the government would put an end to lockdown and quarantine in 2020, many entertainers were left scrambling. At Bongo & B we faced similar uncertainty with all major banquet halls and event centres cancelling events. Luckily, once summer 2020 hit, restrictions eased enough to allow us to take part in various outdoor events. 

With that in mind, Summer of 2021 is already looking promising. With the experience we have gathered from last year, 2021 is looking easier to navigate. Not only are we ready to rock out outdoors and online, but we have a few other things we have been working on behind the scenes. To everyone who has stuck with us until now, we truly thank you! We are blessed to have such amazing supporters who continue to support us during this ongoing time of uncertainty. 

All we can say is STAY TUNED! We have some amazing announcements that we will be revealing in the next few months and we are so excited to share them with you. Make sure to follow us on all social media platforms to stay up to date with all Bongo & B news. 

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