The 3 Price Points of 5 Star Live Entertainment And What They Get You

The 3 Price Points of 5 Star Live Entertainment And What They Get You

We all know weddings can be incredibly stressful to plan. With everything from decor to catering, guest lists to venues, it’s like having two full-time jobs. One of the most important parts of any wedding is the live entertainment, as it creates the energy and atmosphere for your special day while dictating how the vibe of you wedding day/evening flows. Be it the ceremony, reception, dinner or dancing, the right live entertainment can leave all your guests feeling energized and jubilant when experiencing 5 star live entertainment. But how expensive is it? How much bang can you get for your buck? What are some great acts that would suit your event? Today we’re going to try to answer these questions and more. Here are the 3 Price Points of 5 Star Live Entertainment.


This is the initial investment for 5 Star Live Entertainment. For less than this you might be able to find a friend who plays an instrument and get them to play a couple songs but the difference in quality and stage presence is going to be a large factor on how the live entertainment is going to be received by your guests. An industry leading live entertainment company would only bring in confident entertainment professionals that have performed in every scenario. I strongly recommend not taking risks on the most important day of your life, or on your high profile corporate event, holiday, private party, gala, bar/bat mitzvah or any other social event.

An “A La Carte” Artist who fits all the aforementioned criteria is a great way to add an uplifting energy to your event. You could have a bongo player shake things up on the dance floor with the DJ to draw and keep people there, a saxophonist playing smooth jazz during the reception, or an electric violinist to play over your first dance song making the moment that much more unforgettable. This entertainment package will amplify the energy you want at any point of the night, and is sure to have people talking about this event for weeks to come.

Another option if you’re focused on getting people dancing post dinner is to launch the dance floor with a high-intensity drum battle. With our company Bongo & B, this choreographed act is called the ‘Bongo & B Show‘ and features two incredibly talented percussionists that are trained to draw in your guests giving them an incredible energetic experience that they have never felt before.

Another option on the peak of this investment would be our ‘Afro Samba Drum & Dance‘ package, featuring 3 Samba dancers, and 1 or 2 bongo players. This customization is your choice. Having something such as three dancers with costume and colour variations to match decor or theme with a bongo drummer can make a huge difference in launching your dancefloor.


This entertainment investment opens up a wider range of choice between some truly incredible 5 star live entertainment that covers the majority of your event or wedding. In this budget range you can layer an event with multiple performance packages throughout the night. Maybe a jazz performance with the cocktail portion of an event, and a bongo player or specialized party starter to open up the dance floor later on. There are endless possibilities for the combinations possible, and I encourage you to contact your industry leading 5 Star Live Entertainment Company to see how they can make a difference.


For this investment you can layer incredible 5 star live entertainment for every aspect of your event. This opens up the options to larger scale performances such as full bands (Rock band’s or R&B playing top 40), jazz duo’s or trio’s, specialty acts/artists ( a beat looping violinist/singer for example) Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley impersonators, and more. and all of these performances can be layered with the help of a live entertainment consultant to perfectly meet your needs.

The entertainment is guaranteed to be unforgettable, providing your guests with exceptional visual and auditory stimulus from the time they walk through the door until the ubers or taxis pull up to take you home. If you’re planning a wedding, different performers can play during the ceremony, cocktail, dinner and dance floor. There are so many options at this point that it’s hard to define what a night could look like as it’s entirely up to you. Want a Jon Bon Jovi Tribute band or samba dancers? Totally possible. Looking for an L.E.D. drum line followed by a choreographed dance routine? Not a problem! An industry leading professional Live Entertainment company will go above and beyond to make sure that your every need is met so you can focus on enjoying the night.

Speaking of Live Entertainment companies, Bongo & B Entertainment has been making dreams a reality for over 10 years. With over 80+ acts and thousands of satisfied customers, we are your 1-stop shop for all your entertainment needs. If you’re putting together a wedding, corporate, gala, birthday, bar/bat mitzvah, themed, social, nightlife or private event, make sure you don’t take any chances. Contact us to find out what our incredible team has to offer.

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