The Importance Of A Consultation in Live Entertainment

The Importance Of A Consultation in Live Entertainment

One of the most common questions we get here as Live Entertainment specialists is why don’t we send over prices without a consultation? The truth is that the amount being charged covers so much more than just their performance fee- things you don’t even realize you need, but believe me, you do. It’s easy to assume that all professional Live Entertainment companies like ourselves are just trying to get you in the door to agree to pay a ridiculously high price for an artist, or to try and up sell you on more expensive packages, when the reality is that there’s so much misinformation about the industry. All our professionals want to do is help you know what you’re getting and educate you on the process. You are only doing one wedding correct? So today let’s discuss the crucial reasons it’s worthwhile to meet with Live Entertainment consultants.

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Like mentioned at the start of this article, there’s a lot you probably don’t know about the Live Entertainment industry. When sitting down with a consultant they’ll inform you of all the details that concern you so there’s no stone left un-turned, and you feel confident in exactly whatever acts you’re getting. Things like how the business work, what each act looks and sounds like, and what to expect out of the performers. Often, the consultation brings forth what you may really want in Live Entertainment. We’ve had couples walking in for their wedding inquiring about a violin duo, and ended up realizing they wanted Samba dancers & drummers for their party! More often than not, clients don’t even know what actually is available for their big day

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The biggest perk to having a consultation is you get to meet the person you’ll be working with on a day where you want nothing to go wrong. Let me ask you a question- when it comes to investments, do you have an adviser? If you said yes, it’s probably because the world of finance isn’t an industry you’re professional at, and having an expert in your corner let’s you feel confident that you’re doing the right thing to get you what you want. The same logic works with hiring musicians and performers.

If you like and get along with the person you’re meeting with, trust is made. On their end, you’re someone they don’t want to disappoint, and will work to make sure that never happens. On your end, if they’ve done their job right, you’ll feel safe knowing that you’re being handled by professionals with years of experience.

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The biggest take-away from a consultation is knowing exactly what to expect on event day. How a budget is broken down and the guarantees that go with it, what time artists will arrive, what they’ll need upon arrival/what they’ll be bringing, etc. Basically an expert will walk you through the day of your event step by step so you have no questions left about who/what/where or when.

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