What your Wedding Band Says About You

What your Wedding Band Says About You

The big day is coming up and you’re at a loss for what kind of live music to bring to your wedding. You want to hear all your favourite songs and at the same time have everyone up and dancing, so what do you choose, and how will other people respond to it?


Today I’m going to help you answer that question. There are countless options as to what kind of live bands to hire for a wedding, so we’re going to be breaking it down by genre. And just a few things to note: Just because a band is a certain genre, doesn’t mean they’ll only ever play songs that fit the genre. A truly skilled band in any style can take your favourite songs and give them a spin that will no doubt get you and all your friends and family on the dance floor!


So, you love smooth vocals with depth and emotion, the kind of stuff that makes you both want to dance and never stop smiling. Good choice! Any top 40 song with an R&B twist is sure to be a hit with all your friends. It’s a great trigger to get people feeling nostalgic of all their favourite hits growing up, and that’s a place where everyone feels good!


This kind of band shows that you have a deep appreciation for letting loose and going nuts on the dancefloor, while also feeling nostalgic of where you started. It’s one of the most tried & true types of bands to work with. Most people appreciate this genre, and the creative twists a great R&B band will put on your favourite songs is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. Hiring an R&B band is putting fun first on your list, and is certainly a bet you won’t regret.


One word, simplicity. A great way to describe any wedding or showcase of love, as love at times can be incredibly complicated and have it’s up’s and down’s but at the same time is the most pure and simple thing there is. A country band is perfect to reiterate the whole point of marriage- how pure love is. Sure job’s can be stressful, you can have good days or bad, but at the end of the day, coming home to the one you love makes everything else okay.


If you have a great Country band, even people who don’t regularly listen to country will hear the words in a song and see how beautiful and significant this day is. Because of this, A country band tells everyone that love is what you’re celebrating on this day, and everyone can relate to that in one way or another. Expect all your friends and family to tell you for weeks after your wedding how beautiful and perfect everything was.

Tribute Band

Are you a superfan of a band or artist? If so, bringing in a tribute band can be the most fulfilling, fun way to bring together the people you love with the music you love. And why not? This is your big day, you should have it the way you’ve always wanted it to be!


There are so many great tribute bands/acts out there, from Bon Jovi to Elvis impersonators, and the key here is finding the right ones. A great tribute act is like having the actual artist there, which will drive people nuts! (in the best possible way) And besides, when else will you have the excuse to make this happen?


Maybe your friends and you all grew up listening to them, or you and your significant other have ‘your song’ by them. In any case, bringing in a Tribute Band says that you appreciate the little things, which is a sentiment that doesn’t get expressed as often as it should. The band reminds you of some great memories, and starting today will lead to the creation of countless new memories to look back on with glee.


A Disco Band says that your #1 priority is people losing their minds on the dancefloor, and that is a GREAT way to go. Funky vocals, electric instruments, all honed perfectly to a beat guaranteed to make you move. While an R&B band can get you in your feelings as much as it’ll make you move, disco is about one thing and one thing only- having a GREAT time.


The right Disco Band will take everything you loved from the 70’s and 80’s and bring them back, larger than life. This one’s a total crowd-pleaser.


So you’ve always loved Rock, but you’re a little intimidated because you want people dancing, and not having a mosh pit. I’ve heard this way too often, but rest assured, a good Rock Band is the farthest things from ‘too heavy’, and in fact, brings an energy surprisingly more upbeat than most other options. In addition to that, the reservoir of music a quality Rock Band can cover is anything from classic rock/oldies to top 40 hits with surprisingly fun twists to make them even more dance-friendly.


A Rock Band at your wedding says you like a little backbone in your life! You know what you’re about, and everyone will quickly see how right you can be when they hear these guys play.


You are a true lover and appreciator of music if you go with a Jazz Band, and everyone will quickly know. While not always as fierce of a dancefloor with this choice, you more than make up for it with keeping people captivated with the emotions and soul behind a song.


Especially with a Jazz Band, you need to make sure you have the best of the best. A GREAT Jazz Band, where all of its members are wonderfully involved in their music and have years of experience, will bring that to life in every performance, and you will get a wonderful memories that will last forever.

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