Peter BonGiovanni

Peter BonGiovanni

Owner, Musician

Peter’s passion for music began at a very early age. Over the last 20 years, he has studied Afro-Cuban, West African and Caribbean rhythms from master drummers that reside in our beloved city to their homelands.

Understanding the power of the instrument and how it elevates the energy of all human beings is an undeniable force to the core of what Bongo & B represents.

“I wanted to bring this beautiful artistry to the forefront, and since its conception, it has provided dance floors with incredible energy and countless magical moments.” Peter BonGiovanni

Entertaining hundreds of thousands of people with a countless number of events, Peter’s wide range of expertise spanning from corporate, weddings, and private events, to Toronto’s hottest nightclubs, provided him with today’s knowledge base that educates his clients on what it takes to put on spectacular 5-star performances.

His consultative approach and corporate business background are the building blocks that makeup Bongo & B Entertainment. His communicative skills, years of experience paired along with a genuine love for his clients and music is what makes for a unique client experience and spectacularly memorable moments.

“The most satisfying feeling after a performance is seeing the glow and smiles on our client’s faces”. Hearing them say you made a tremendous difference at the event is the most gratifying feeling and pushes us to strive for excellence.