Starting The Year Off Right 

Starting The Year Off Right 

With the holiday season officially over, it is time to get back to business. This year is already proving to be very different from the past few years, as there is no longer this giant fear of uncertainty lurking over us. Gone are the days of not knowing if you can throw your event or wedding without the fear of cancellation. Instead we are met with optimism and hope that is showing us 2023 may be one of the biggest years of live entertainment to date. 

To kick the year off, Bongo & B was happy to be part of Canada’s Bridal Show earlier this month and received great feedback from attendees as well as fellow exhibitors. We truly missed the in person aspect that was missing from the last few years as there is nothing greater than seeing the look of excitement in a potential clients eyes. The Metro Toronto Convention Centre was absolutely booming with positive vibes and wonderful couples looking to add excitement to their special day. One thing that we also noticed while speaking with different couples is that the wedding industry has truly changed since before the pandemic.

More and more people are planning weddings differently than they used to. The cost of inflation has created a rise in cost in most businesses, and the wedding industry is no different. Many are opting for more intimate venues, smaller guest lists and even planning backyard weddings. However, although couples are budgeting differently, the wedding business is booming bigger than ever. Many couples have been patiently waiting for things to calm down to begin planning again. This has created a backlog that is unprecedented in our industry. Entertainment has also seen a boom, as audiences have truly missed the energy that a live performance brings to an event. The best advice we can give anyone is to begin planning well in advance as many have started booking their live entertainment very early to avoid disappointment. 

We welcome you to click here to book a discovery call with us, so we can begin brainstorming ideas together for your big day. With over 90+ acts and partnerships with various vendors, we are certain that we can help you make your next event everything you wished for. If this is how the year has began, we cannot wait to see what the rest of 2023 has to offer.

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