Important measures to ensure your safety during COVID-19

Important measures to ensure your safety during COVID-19

These are unprecedented times, but we are not helpless against this fight. Although there has yet to be a vaccine or medicine to prevent the spread of this virus, we can all do our part and help contain this pandemic. Here are some tips and tricks to stay healthy and safe during these troubling times.

Wash your hands: We hear this everywhere to a point where it can start sounding downright silly. But did you know that the vast majority of us are either not doing this important step correctly, or are not washing for long enough? A good rule of thumb (no pun intended) is to wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20-30 seconds. This includes the front and back of hands, fingers, nails and well as the thumbs.

Sanitize those hands: Whenever water and soap are not available, alcohol based hand sanitizers are a fantastic way to disinfect your hands. We suggest maybe carrying a small bottle with you when you are out and about to help you stay as safe as possible.

Don’t touch your face: The reason why it is so important to ensure that your hands are clean is because we use our hands to interact with everything. This includes touching your face, scratching your nose and even rubbing your eyes. We know it is difficult, but try your best to avoid touching your face.

Cover your cough: It is natural to cough or sneeze.  What is not natural, is not covering your mouth while doing it! Using a tissue or coughing into your sleeve is an effective way of containing all droplets emitting from your mouth. 

Sick? Stay home: This one is very important. If you are feeling, sick stay home! It seems simple, however many people tend to still go on with daily activities such as grocery shopping and pumping gas. This is a very easy way to spread any cold or virus and is therefore recommended that you stay home. If you need groceries, ask a friend or family member to drop some off for you. Contactless food delivery is also still available.

Stay safe: From all of us at Bongo & B, we encourage you to stay home as much as you can. Use this time to enjoy the home you have built, the family you love and the hobbies you have grown to like. To help do our part, we are offering online consultations and meetings, so please feel free to reach out to us. This too shall pass and we will be stronger as humans, as a nation and as a planet.

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