5 Things That Make A Great Drummer/Bongo Player for Live Entertainment

5 Things That Make A Great Drummer/Bongo Player for Live Entertainment

As a 5-Star Live Entertainment company with a huge roster of over 80+ acts, the one thing we’re probably most known for is Bongo playing. I mean, it’s literally in the name, so it’s fair to say we know quite a lot about the art form, as well as drumming as a whole.

One of the biggest questions we’re asked about is what makes a drummer so good? Today we set out to try and answer that question.

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Image is incredibly important to set up expectation. If a disheveled drummer shows up with just a dress shirt and covered in wrinkles, the audience expectation will be far less. Instead of starting a dancing floor with amazement, the percussionist will have to start by earning trust they lost with a quick glance.

Professional musicians always show up to events- be them corporate, weddings, nightlife, etc. in pristine all black suits. They know that they’re representing an entity, and must maintain every bit of professionalism and presence.

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Being respectful, easy to communicate with, and friendly are all key elements of being any sort of performer. These are no less important in the case for bongo players and drummers. Being able to properly communicate with event planners, DJ’s, venue coordinators, and the bride or groom is one of the most crucial parts of the job. In fact about 70-80% of the performance work is properly establishing the music and communicating with the DJ to understand the crowd and atmosphere.

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Any drummer worth his or her weight is represented by a Live Entertainment company with a much larger roster than just the one percussionist, and the roster as a whole can say a lot about the individual. Some of these companies have very specific standards prior to bringing in any new musicians, as well as running rehearsals multiple times a month to make sure no artists stop improving. Teaching new choreography, songs, and better techniques to perform inside a song melodically are all ways Live Entertainment companies can help train their artists and make sure they are the Creme de la Creme of today’s talent.

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The most commonly used way a drummer will wrongly convince someone they’re worth hiring is when they drum over a song very quickly and continously showcasing only their speed. Speed is often used as a easy measure of skill, when in reality a phenomenal drummer won’t need to play as quickly to show off his ability. The most impressive forms of drumming stem from creativity within a song, and playing to the song’s strengths. Powerful and educated drummers play melodically and fit into the song at all the right moments. the quote “less is more,” is always the best way to go as it shows patience and experience. Overplaying is a sure sign someone is not fully knowledgeable on their instrument or making up for talent they don’t have.

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Why choose a bongo player that costs $600 when you know someone who can do it for $100? Yes it’s a significant price difference, but with the $100 drummer the risk is far too high. For that price you can guarantee he lacks much of the experience of his competitor, and most likely isn’t a full time musician as, at least with our roster at Bongo & B, all of ours are. This means he could be rusty, be prone to screw up more, not play to the crowd’s vibe or worst of all, play for too long and lose the interest of the people leaving everyone with a bad taste.
The reason professionalism will always cost more is because these are experts who know the result you want and how to get it. Which genres of music work better than others, when too much is too much, and how to finish and leave people wanting more are all great examples of the work only real pro’s can pull off. As well you are paying for their years upon years of experience for successful after successful event.
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