Should you choose a band or a DJ for your next event?

Should you choose a band or a DJ for your next event?

If you have planned a wedding or event in the past, you may have asked your self at one point; should I have a band or DJ play music at my wedding? We don’t blame you. Just know that you are not alone. In this post, we hope to shine a bit of light on this age-old question, and help your decision.

Let’s begin with a band. Live music is a fantastic way to add extra energy and fun on an already amazing day. Imagine a group of talented professionals performing a concert at your wedding or corporate event? Regardless of the style of music you and your guests enjoy, Bongo & B has you covered! Make sure to check out our list of performers to see what fits your style. Even if you are looking for something specific, we can help! We have many different bands to choose from with options ranging from Tribute acts to Top 40, classic hits, and everything in between.

Dj’s are always a great idea at any event as well because it makes requesting specific genres or styles of music really easy. Some people even go as far as sending a list of songs to their DJ that they would like played at their event. This doesn’t mean they are telling the DJ to only play the songs on the list, but rather that they would like to hear them throughout the night. DJ’s also have the benefit being able to play for longer periods of time, but everyone needs to take a break at some point. Decisions, decisions.

Another factor to keep in mind is your budget. Some people may have a budget that can only afford a simple DJ as opposed to hiring a band. That’s not to say that some bands are not more affordable than others. This ultimately comes down to your budget and personal preference. Know your audience and plan accordingly.

Ideally, having both a DJ and live band would ensure that your party is going all day and all night. The live energy of the band with the DJ keeping people entertained throughout your event ensures a successful outcome. Remember that your band will need to take a break at some point and that is a perfect time to mix it up with the DJ. Want to take it a step further? Hire a couple of various acts to add a variety of music and acts to your party. The sky is the limit!

Only at BNB can we offer having a live musician (Called an A la carte Artist) Perform on top of the DJ’s music on the dancefloor. From bongos to trumpet to violin to saxophone, there is a great way to combine the Live element and Dj together. Artists perform to the dj’s music on the dance floor. Contact us today for the dream wedding you have always wanted!

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