Advice for wedding/event planning during the pandemic

Advice for wedding/event planning during the pandemic

With everything up in the air as far as planning, it’s easy to feel helpless and not know where to even begin. Trust us, you are not alone. There are actually a few things you can do that should really help!

Get Ahead

“There are many things you can still accomplish in your wedding planning with things being closed. You can create a rough draft of your itinerary, determine your ceremony staging, or write your vows. You choose all your wedding songs, order thank you gifts for each other, your wedding party and parents, order any decor you need for your wedding day or simply finalize your decor list. Just because we’re in a ‘paused’ state, doesn’t mean wedding planning is on pause. Often, brides and grooms wish they had more time to plan, so take this time as a blessing in disguise!

Embrace Technology

Embrace the new norms. You have this cool advantage to book a venue tour online and invite mom, dad, and grandma to participate. Meet with your potential vendors over zoom. Book your lighting and other details that you don’t need to see in person. Really dig into reviews for venues and vendors, ask to see additional examples of their work, trust your vendors to do the job you hired them for, and ask them for referrals of others that they have had great experiences with. At Bongo & B, we are more than happy to have a zoom meeting with you and discuss everything you need. Think of us as a one-stop shop to making your wedding or event a hit!

Do All the At-Home Prep Work

There are so many things you and your fiancé can do from home to get yourselves prepared: decide on your bar menu by doing a beer, wine, or cocktail tasting at home. Research rehearsal dinner locations. Work with your stationery designer. Continue to work with your planner via video meetings, or if you don’t have a planner, reach out to one who is offering hourly consulting during this unprecedented time. 

Book Your Vendors

Vendors are still booking and running their business, so continue to reach out. Reaching out now to your potential wedding vendors is key to help keep small businesses afloat during this time. Plus a lot of them are getting booked up for the fall of 2020 and 2021 since so many spring and summer weddings had to be rescheduled. Make sure to check our full list of performers on our website. We have an act for everyone. 

Read Those Contracts

If we could only give couples starting to plan during this one piece of advice it would be this: read your contracts. Essentially, in this time of uncertainty it needs to be very spelled out what will happen if the event were to be postponed or canceled – either by something coronavirus-virus related or other.

While most people are not fans of the idea that fees or other restrictions may be involved with rescheduling their wedding, it’s more important to have that transparency from your venue and vendors off the bat. In a time of uncertainty, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Think Beyond the Wedding

This is a great time to plan your LIFE together. While many aspects of wedding planning are put on hold, use this precious time with your partner to make memories and plans that will last you a lifetime. In other words, take this time prepare for the rest of your lives together and not just that one special wedding night! 

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