Make Your Small Wedding One To Remember

Make Your Small Wedding One To Remember

The good weather is finally here! Although we are still manoeuvring ourselves through the remains of the global pandemic, the light at the end of the tunnel has never looked so bright. With great weather, we usually also welcome wedding season. Last summer proved to us all that we did not need to have an enormous amount of guests to have an elegant, simple and most importantly, fun wedding. 

This summer, smaller outdoor weddings are welcome as long as simple rules are followed. Budgets for weddings are now higher because the bride and groom do not have to account for as much as they would for a traditional wedding. For example, wedding guest lists are now much smaller, therefore funds that are usually allocated to things like dinner, venues and drinks can now be used for other things. Why not add a touch of extra flair to your small wedding? One of the biggest complaints from couples is that they often do not save enough funds in their budget to splurge on things that they really want, such as live entertainment.

If you have helped planned a wedding in the past, you know exactly what we mean. Weddings can get very expensive very quickly and sometimes sacrifices have to be made. This summer, we invite you to get that band you have always wanted to play your favourite song at your wedding. Hire that violinist to serenade you during you and your partners first dance. Get the party started on the dance floor with an LED drum line that is bound to amaze your intimate wedding guests. This day is about you and your imagination. The sky is the limit!

At Bongo & B, we have curated over 80 live acts and performances to cater to a large variety of people. We invite you to view our full list of performers and entertainers to help you make your special evening that much more memorable. Our team will work with you to not only ensure that your evening is as special as it can be, but also that any performance is safe and adheres to all current safety protocols. This summer is already shaping up to be one of the most memorable in recent memory, and we can’t wait to be part of your beautiful wedding story. 

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