Virtual Events: The New Normal?

Virtual Events: The New Normal?

The world is changing every day and businesses are being forced to adapt to evolving circumstances. With this year’s pandemic, the entertainment industry found itself in a very odd situation. All major events began cancelling one by one and entertainers found themselves suddenly without a crowd to perform for. Luckily with the evolution of technology, although this virus has separated us, we are also more connected than ever. Say hello to Virtual Performances!

But what is a virtual performance? Technically, a virtual performance is any performance/presentation where the presenter is not present at your location. This could be a concert, lecture, demonstration, or any event that is normally presented in person. In 2020, modern technology luckily allows us to accomplish this easier than ever.

Today’s smartphones, tablets, and webcams allow us to speak and see each other regardless of where we are in the world. For now, the new normal does not allow us to gather in groups to experience live performances, but virtual performances have become more popular than ever.

Virtual performances allow entertainers to perform for many people at the same time via the web. Although you can’t throw that extravagant holiday party this year that does not mean you can’t celebrate with all your co-workers. Book a singer, dance performance, band, you name it! There are plenty of creative and clever ways to entertain guests from the comfort of their homes or offices.

The virtual performances can be either streamed live or can even be pre-recorded for added visual and audio quality. Not everything needs to be live, as it allows the people behind the scenes more time to work and perfect the way the viewers get to experience the virtual performance. This is also helpful in light of the new lockdown measures put in place by the government. For example, we had a client reach out to us in need of online entertainment. At Bongo & B, we managed to organize, film and edit a full show all within 48 hours. Needless to say, our client was ecstatic at the overall quality and fast turnaround time we were able to provide. Take a look at a sample of this performance here:

This year, why not organize an online corporate party? With apps such as Zoom, google meets, and other video applications you can gather large groups of people together online and share the party with them! No need to skip the festive season this year. As long as employees have access to the Internet and a smart device, the sky is the limit.

Another great use of virtual performances is as gifts. Some clients are purchasing virtual performances and gifting them to either friends or fellow companies. With the lack of parties and concerts in 2020, gifting a virtual performance could truly change the mood and morale of a person. 

At Bongo & B, we are adapting to the new normal and are happy to provide virtual performance services. With over 100 acts to choose from, we have something for everyone. We take care of all the preparation and fun, you can just sit back and enjoy the show!  For more information about this or any of our acts, we welcome you to book a free to book a consultation with us

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