Worried your event will be canceled because of COVID-19? The following advice may help you

Worried your event will be canceled because of COVID-19? The following advice may help you

During this uncertain time, many of our favorite events, family functions and weddings are being cancelled. It is very unfortunate, especially if you are the one who was organizing the event. Although it is sad, there is still hope. Here are some tips to help you navigate these rough waves

Do not stress: Stressing about your event will not help in any way. We understand that it is a very unfortunate situation, however please know that you are not alone in feeling this way. Many large companies have cancelled or postponed their events, and thousands of people are doing the same. This virus, regardless of the industry, has impacted everyone. We will get through this together!

Contact your banquet hall/event centre: At this point, COVID-19 is a global pandemic. This includes the closure of all non-essential businesses, such as banquet halls and event centres. We suggest calling your hall as soon as possible and speaking with them about options. Some are offering refunds, whereas some are offering to reschedule dates. Every hall is different, so we suggest contacting them and clarifying details as soon as you can.

Contact your vendors:Next step is to contact all of the vendors that were involved in your event. This includes everything from DJ’s and performers, to planners and florists. This is important because many people are booked months even years in advance. This ensures that any new date chosen will have the same members involved. We at Bongo & B are offering online meetings and consultations. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Contact your guests: At this point, you have secured a new date, spoken with your hall or event centre and contacted all of your vendors. Now it is time to let your friends and family know about the event being postponed. It is unfortunate, but guests will understand. 

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