Bigger and Better

Bigger and Better

With summer in full effect, audiences are flocking to various events to enjoy the remaining days of the season as much as possible. Big events including concerts, festivals and other performances are peppered throughout our lovely city this summer, a stark contrast from the last 2 and a half years.  This summer, we are proud to say we have been featured in multiple of them and had a chance to showcase ourselves on a larger scale. 

Recently, we were featured in the Assembly Park festival where we had the honour of customizing 4 stages of entertainment. We proudly showcased various performances and entertainers to wonderful reactions from the crowd. This allowed us to plan larger scale productions and cater to our client’s and the crowd’s needs. 

Various acts from different genres took to stage showcasing their diversity. This is truly what made Bongo & B stand out. Living in a city like Toronto, we love showcasing acts from various parts of the globe and allowing audiences to see their cultures represented at various events. 

One thing we have been working on in the last few years is allowing our acts to fuse their talents to create a never before seen performance. Imagine combining a saxophone with house music. How about combining the African djembe drum with a spicy Latin salsa performance? The sky is the limit and the creativity is in our combined cultures. 

At Bongo & B, we are proud to include diverse acts that cater to all parts of the world. Above all, our clients also show their appreciation, as it allows them to showcase their corporate social responsibilities. As we have said before, we are your one stop shop for all types of entertainment and would love to customize a show specifically for you. For more information or to chat with us about an upcoming event, click here book a consultation with us. We hope you continue to have a great summer and we won’t to see you at an event soon!

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