Biggest 2018 Wedding Music Trends

Biggest 2018 Wedding Music Trends

Wedding season has just started and while some have every detail of their big day figured out, most others- whether they choose to or not, are going to be planning up until the day of. Questions like, “What can I do to make this event stand out?” “What are people going to remember forever?” and “What can we do to best share our love with our friends and family, in a meaningful way?” are constantly going around in everyone’s mind. Here at Bongo & B Entertainment, our specialty is Live Entertainment, as we’ve been helping couples find the perfect Live Performances to suit their budget for well over 10 years. While your relationship is unique to just the two of you, there are a number of huge crowd pleasing trends this year in 2018, that with the right twist, can make your wedding completely unique and trendy at the same time. So let’s get into it!

A La Carte Artists

Gone are the days where you have to choose between a DJ or Live Entertainment. With the popularity of A La Carte Artists, now it’s easier than ever to have your cake and eat it too! For those who aren’t familiar, an A La Carte Artist is a professional musician who’s well versed in adding something unique to any song being played. While the DJ is spinning, an A La Carte Artist commands the dancefloor, expertly engaging your crowd to gather around and join in. They can come in the form of a Djembe Player (Bongo) to pump everyone up, an Electric Violinist to add elegance and beauty to an already breathtaking first dance, or a Saxophone player to add some soul. These are just a couple of the many possible A La Carte Options!
While not a new concept, this trend has been on the steady incline for the last few years as it’s incredibly cost effective and makes a HUGE impact on the mood in the room, so it’s definitely a great trend in our books!

Themed Dance Choreography

Huge fan of dance performances? Who isn’t! This is a trend that just won’t go away, and for good reason- watching incredible performances from expert dancers will take your breath away, no matter how many times you see it! Some favourite trends I’ve seen in this category range anywhere from Ballet to Latin/Salsa dancers, all the way to ballroom dance routines.
If you don’t have too much experience/ familiarity with these kinds of shows, don’t be quick to dismiss them. These are truly for anyone who enjoys a spectacle, as demonstrated in the video below.

Live Beat-Looping

Professionally produced music in the last decade has had technology advance so much and become so edited and layered that some songs boast well over 100 tracks in the recording process- all to create a final product that sounds a great deal simpler. How do they do it? How many hours, days, or weeks, do they spend creating each track?

Dueling Cellists

Last on our list today is the Dueling Cellists act. Ever since the explosive virality of the duo group 2CELLOS a few years ago, the dueling cellist duo has grown steadily in popularity. But what is it? Two cellists utilizing their skills to recreate mainstream hits with a totally different sound, adding layers of beauty yet confidence to a track that you never thought it could have. Playing anything from Rock & Roll classic hits to top 40 dance tunes, Dueling Cellists have a huge impact on any event, and always get the highest praise for their originality and surprising amount of energy they add to any cover.

It’s fascinating questions like these that have led to the surging popularity of live beat loopers, answering all those questions and more with a truly impressive showcase. Beat-looping has been popularized by talented artists like Ed Sheeran, who using looping to showcase their skills in live performances. They can play a variety of instruments and recreate popular songs from scratch in a matter of seconds, by utilizing their beatbox, technology, rhythm and singing skills. Truly professional loopers will absolutely dazzle you and your peers with the level of thought and skill that goes into their performances, all to make it look totally effortless.

So that was our list of most popular wedding music trends for 2018! And good news! If you’re having a wedding this year we here at Bongo & B Entertainment have all the aforementioned wedding trends and well over 80+ acts at our disposal to bring the perfect entertainment to your event. If you want to have the most relevant event of the summer, or even if you prefer a more classic take on your entertainment, we have it all. Click here to find out more about our services and how we can help make your special day perfect.

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