First things to do after you say “yes”

First things to do after you say “yes”

What an amazing moment. After years of waiting, your partner finally proposes and it is everything you’ve been dreaming about. Then you realize, you’ve got a wedding to plan! Where do you start? What do you do first? Here are a few recommended things that you should take care of after being engaged.


  • Celebrate: This one seems obvious, but many couples get caught up in the wedding so much that they forget to enjoy the moment. Make sure to take some time and truly appreciate this wonderful time in your lives.


  • Spread the news: Now it’s time to let everyone who is special to you know the happy news! Call your parents, siblings, friends and anyone who would genuinely be happy for you first! Depending on your preferences, you can even take to your favorite social media platform and spread the news that way.


  • Time to party: As you may have guessed, many people will want to see you and celebrate your engagement. Our suggestion is to throw a party and have everyone over at the same time! Seeing everyone individually can take a lot of time so why not let everyone celebrate together? Bongo & B has plenty of performers and acts that would be perfect for any couple. Let us know how we can help!


  • Set a budget: There is no point in having a grand luxurious wedding if neither of you can afford it! Set an expectation of what you want as a couple and start contacting venues and companies to start getting an idea of costs. We at Bongo & B welcome all consultations and would be happy to help!


  • Guest List: Now it’s time to start thinking about who will attend your wedding. This is one of the trickiest aspects of any wedding as you want to make sure everyone important is invited and that you didn’t forget anyone. There’s nothing worse than forgetting that one friend or family member. Keep in mind that venues have maximum capacities so make sure to choose wisely!


  • Choose a date: Selecting a day will depend on a few factors. Make sure you have asked venues about their availabilities first to not be disappointed. Many venues get booked months in advance and knowing what days are still available is crucial. Once that is done, you can start with all the other preparations and let everyone know!

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