Going Back To Work Has Never Felt So Good

Going Back To Work Has Never Felt So Good

As summer progresses and case numbers remain under control, our city has officially begun its journey to reopening. We recently stepped into Stage 3 which allowed for lower restrictions but also has paved the way for businesses to begin allowing workers to come back to the office after being apart for over a year. For many, this will take some time to get used to, but others are very eager to get back as they truly miss seeing co-workers in person. We can’t say we blame them as we are stoked to be back at it again! 

Although Zoom, FaceTime and other apps have allowed us to stay in contact over the last year, the “in person” experience is truly missed. Many of us took simple things like chatting at lunch with some co-workers or socializing over a coffee for granted. The good news is that those days are slowly coming back and companies are already planning events to get the corporate morale back to what it was before the pandemic threw everyone into a whirl. After a year of working from home, what better way to bring everyone back together and socialize than with a company event? 

With each passing day, the government is easing restrictions and we are well under way for a fall/winter that will allow us to gather. Last year was tough for many businesses as they were unable to throw their annual holiday parties or team building events but this year is already proving different. We at Bongo & B have already been receiving an influx of calls and emails from corporate clients planning in advance for events spanning from September to December of 2021. We are truly thrilled and are ready to bring the energy we are well known for all while remaining safe, socially distant and within government guidelines. If you had to endure a virtual award show or holiday party last year, you truly know how much better a live performance is compared to a video recording. 

There are many ways to implement live entertainment to your corporate event. You could have a performance to kick things off at the beginning of the evening, a band to play music as guests arrive or even have a group of dancers get the party started after dinner. If you have had trouble keeping people in a room during speeches or dinner, why not have a performance in between presenters or courses to help keep people engaged. These performances are also wonderful conversation starters for everyone to talk about while trying to socialize with co-workers after so long. Another great example of how to implement live entertainment is to have a band or performer get the crowd hype before introducing the Boss or CEO. It is a great way to grab the crowds attention and get them excited for what the presenter is about to say. If you can imagine it, we can help you plan it!  Here is a great example of a previous corporate event we helped plan for Bell Media that we had the honour of having our Cellists perform for. 

After a though year of self isolation and working from home, employees deserve to be welcomed back. Milestones need to be marked, awards need to be given to the ones who deserve it and holidays need to be celebrated! Our advice is to get an early start and begin planning because as you may have guessed, many companies have already begun even before the fall has begin. No matter what you are looking for to spice up your event, Bongo & B is happy to help you achieve exactly what you are looking for. We invite you to get creative with us because together we can make your event the night employees talk about for years to come. To set up a discovery call or consultation for your live entertainment options, click here . We can’t wait to see you in person on the dance floor! 

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