Back to Business!

Back to Business!

It has been a busy summer! With restrictions easing over the last few months, we have been getting more and more inquiries from people looking to make their event as memorable as possible. In this past month, we have had over 40 inquiries and have provided live entertainment to multiple events per day. This is a welcome change as the entertainment industry has been tough to navigate the last year or so. Entertainers went from not knowing when they will be performing next, to quickly being overwhelmed with gigs in a single weekend. To make things even more interesting, the entertainment space has also changed with the pandemic, forcing people to think outside the box and plan in different ways than we are typical used to. It has been complicated to navigate through all the obstacles thrown at us but as the old saying goes, “When life gives you lemons, you need to make lemonade!”

The wedding and live entertainment industry is changing by the day. Planning an event now has many things to consider, including health/safety protocols, limited number of guests as well as finding venues or locations to hold actually hold the event. One thing we are noticing more and more are that couples are no longer waiting for weekends to hold their weddings. Holding your event or wedding during the week has become increasingly popular. A big benefit to this is that many venues and live performers get booked way in advance for weekends and this allows you to not have to settle for less. It is always best practice to inquire as early as possible to avoid any disappointment and ensure that you are getting what you want for your special day!

Many people have also started planning weddings and events for the fall and schedules are starting to get busier and busier. With venues and event spaces preparing for indoor events as the weather begins to cool down, entertainers are getting ready for another busy season. Once again, it is imperative to reach out to vendors and begin planning together. Imagine how many events and weddings had to be postponed/cancelled during the pandemic. Those same events have been rescheduled well in advance which means that securing your favourite entertainer or vendor will be even more difficult. It is also a good idea to speak with your vendors/entertainers about health and safety regulations as each venue will be different, each with their own regulations. 

With every event that is being planned, health and safety protocols need to take forefront. This allows not only guests to feel at ease, but continued precautions allow for businesses and entertainers to continue working. Many venues will have sanitary measures put in place, but is always a great idea to establish an area for your entertainment to perform with social distancing rules in mind. It is important to not forget that we are not fully out of this pandemic just yet. The light at the end of the tunnel is visible and we need to continue being safe to allow life to get back to normal. 

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about any of our amazing live performers, click here to set up a discovery call. Together we can make sure that your event will be as memorable as possible and talked about for years to come. Let’s continue being safe and smart because we can only get through this storm if we stick together. Thank you again to all of our amazing friends and clients that have stuck with us so far. Cheers to brighter days ahead!

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