5 Important Tips When Planning Your Wedding

5 Important Tips When Planning Your Wedding

Let us take a guess. You said yes to the love of your life and now you do not even know where to begin planning your dream day. You are not alone. Every wedding is special in its own way, but sometimes we need guidance to make it perfect. Here are 5 important things to keep in mind when planning your wedding.

  • The venue: There are so many venues to choose from that at times, we get blinded by what is really important; the bride and groom! Your venue should represent YOU. Do you love nature? Love lavish banquet halls? Do you want an outdoor wedding? This is YOUR day. Many have been dreaming about their wedding day since they were kids, and therefore should not settle for anythingless than perfect. You deserve it!
  • Wedding planner: Many people think, “how challenging could it be to plan a wedding?” The answer is, very. There are so many small details to keepin mind, that it can be very overwhelming for the bride and groom, especially having to deal with things on the day of the wedding! Let a professional handle it instead of worrying about the florist and guests. Enjoy your wedding day because the day goes by so quickly!  Enjoy every minute of it!
  • Decor: Just because you have booked a nice banquet hall, it does not mean that it stops there. The most beautiful weddings usually have a personalized feel to them showcasing the style and elegance of the Bride and Groom. Everything from lighting, centerpieces and even plates can offer your guests a unique experience. Attention to the smallest details can transform your wedding into the event of the year for your guests.
  • Entertainment: One of the most overlooked and crucial aspects of any wedding reception is the entertainment. You can’t open the dance floor if you don’t have music! Today, a DJ or Live Band is a necessity for every wedding. Ensure to communicate the style of music you enjoy and provide a guidlineof music that you absolutely want to dance to with your guests. Want to take it one step further? Add a special performance to your night! Bongo and B offers all types of 5 star Live Entertainment choices from Samba Dancers, to live musicians and even a fire show to heat up the dance floor! Pack the dance floor and keep it that way all night long!
  • Do your research: Before booking anything, make sure that you have done some research for your special day. With the Internet at our fingertips, it’s easier than ever to see reviews, videos and photos of anything you want to consider. Still not convinced?Ask for a consultation and meet your vendors to get a professional consultation. Again, this is YOUR day. We ask tons of questions when buying electronics or even clothing. Why treat your Wedding Dayany different? We at Bongo & B Entertainment welcome you to view our #LiveEntertainment and showcases and welcome you to contact us to help make your #DreamWedding a reality!

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