Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

We made it! We have weathered through another year that was affected by the pandemic. Although the year was a bit easier on us than 2020, it was a challenge nonetheless. We are blessed to be in the position we were in this year but it was not easy. 

The year started off slow with lockdowns and social distancing in full effect. It almost seemed like things were not going back to normal anytime soon. It didn’t look promising, but with the vaccine rollouts starting a few months later, cases started to decline and restrictions started to open up more and more. 

By the time summer rolled through, we were back at it! The overwhelming amount of people who reached out to us for their wedding or events proved to us that people not only want live entertainment again, they truly love it! Even though people were not able to have the extravagant events they had hoped for, live entertainment stepped in to add the flare that was missing. 

With venues under strict rules to adhere to public health regulations, many people took it amongst themselves to find new locations to celebrate. 2021 saw many people decorating their own homes and backyards, something we had not seen much in previous years. This allowed people to not worry about big budgets for venues and instead, they used that budget for musicians, dancers and other forms of live entertainment. This showed us just how much folks were missing live performances in their lives, especially after they were cooped up in their homes for the majority of the year. 

As 2021 winds down, we are excited to announce that we have already began booking for 2022. Next year is already looking very promising and Bongo & B has plenty of surprises around the corner. As we begin creating new shows, booking new acts and continuing teaching students via our music academy, the future truly looks promising. 

We want to thank everyone that has stuck with us during these difficult times and we would like to thank anyone who booked us this year. We wish you all a very safe and merry Christmas and the happiest of holidays. Cheers to the new year and see you all on the dance floor soon!

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